I have music for sale if you are interested.

I have a few copies left of the Legendary Pineapple Skinners’ first CD, Over The Moon, available for sale.  If you would like a copy, call me at (205) 568-5167 or write me atanthonyclombardo@gmail.com

Over The Moon was recorded live at Barn Studios with no overdubs or added parts.  On it, I play tenor banjo on every track except for one, “Your Cheating Heart,” on which I play 8-string electric lap steel.  I have under 100 copies left, so call soon.  The price for Over The Moon is $12.00.


Waiting For Santa, the latest release by the Pineapple Skinners, is now on sale.  If you would like a copy, call me at (205) 568-5167 or write me at lombardo56@hotmail.com.  Availability of the the CD is extremely limited.  We didn’t print a ton of them, so call as soon as possible.  If you like holiday music with a twist, this just might be the one for you.  On it, I play electric guitar, tenor banjo, and 8-string electric lap steel.  Call me at (205) 568-5167, and I’ll get you immediately.  The price is $10.00. •• Update •• I have only 56 of these left.  Call now and get yours. ••Update••I’m down to 47.  Jump in!  Get one for Christmas 2012.


On June 5th, 2012, I released my first solo CD.  It’s called Natural Piety.  If you want to buy a copy of it, call or write anytime, and I’ll get you copy.  They are $10.00 each.  They are cheaper if you buy them online.  You can find Natural Piety on http://www.cdbaby.com, http://www.itunes. com, http://www.amazon.com, and http://www.spotify.com.

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  1. Thanks for your interest in my website. Tell me what you mean, and I’ll gladly answer your question.

    Thanks again
    Tony L.

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